World Metaverse Expo 2023

Inspiring Global Innovation and Reshaping Virtual-Reality Experience

April 23-25, 2023 | China National Convention Center

More diversified, various activities, conference sessions with different topics will be launched during the WME2023, to build up the experience, communication and trading platform for both visitors and exhibitors. Please stay tuned to receive more updates.

Meta Space

Metaverse Space is dedicated to providing unique & amazing experience to onsite visitors to let them learn and feel what metaverse of tomorrow will look like, with integrated advanced software & hardware equipment.

Metaverse Space would provide wearable devices to visitors to have immersive experience of Fashion Metaverse, Retail & commercial Metaverse and Cultural & Tourism Metaverse etc.

To provide a better experience for onsite visitors, all attendeeds are required to book seats in advance. The booking link will be opened soon.

Metaverse Awards

Series of competitions on digital human, digital collections and metaverse branding & marketing will be unveiled.

The Metaverse Awards provides a platform for digital creators, designers, metaverse world constructors, and young artists & talents to realize their metaverse ambitions.

The Metaverse Awards will be announced soon and if you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Satellite Symposium

A series of satellite symposia presented by metaverse industry players will be launched in hybrid way during WME2023, providing enterprises with platform to introduce or release new products and service solutions, and building up an efficient channel for relevant players to learn new products, new trends and new business opportunities.

The Satellite Symposium will provide exhibitors the online and offline platform to launch new products, presents cutting-edge technical solutions and will be broadcasted to the worldwide market.

The slot allocations will be reserved in first-come-first-served. Please stay tuned for more details.

Except for the standard time slot (30 minutes per session), the bespoke new products launching proposal will also be provided on request. Please contact us ffor more details.

Metaverse Tech & Application Forums

Various sessions focusing on industry development, policy and regulations, technology trends and market applications will be launched during the WME2023 to propel the technology development and its applications in different industries, such as manufacturing, retail & consumption, education, etc..

The session agenda and topics will be announced soon. Please stay tuned for more details.

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