World Metaverse Expo 2023

Inspiring Global Innovation and Reshaping Virtual-Reality Experience

April 23-25, 2023 | China National Convention Center

Expo Introduction

With the mission of "Inspiring Global Innovation and Reshaping Virtual-Reality Experience and Propelling Industrial Development in the Field of Metaverse Technology and Application Solutions", WME aims to build an innovation and inspiration platform, to tackle industrial pain points, and bring together government policy makers, Metaverse technology providers, demanding markets, research institutions, investors, etc., to facilitate industry players to keep posted of industry trends and seize the industry development opportunities, while bridging the demand and supply sides through diversified forms of communications and interactions.

Six Featured Exhibiting Areas

Blockchain technology and Application Pavilion
Covering blockchain technology development companies, blockchain application platforms, distributed storage systems, blockchain hardware, commodity traceability institutions, blockchain professional training institutions, property rights protection institutions, digital collection design, digital collection authorization and other exhibitors. Visitors coming from gaming industry, cultural &entertainment, art, fashion design, mass consumption, social media platforms, governments, and investment institutions, etc.
Human-computer Interactivity Technology and Application Pavilion
Covering VR/AR/MR basic technology suppliers, equipment suppliers, holographic projection technology and applications, multimedia high-definition technology, sensing technology and solutions and other enterprises. Visitors coming from application markets of smart city, smart community, smart commercial retail, smart entertainment social, exhibition, medical, government agencies and other buyers, etc.
Gaming Technology and Application Pavilion
Covering game engines development, 3D modeling, real-time rendering, game development tools, game world view construction, and 3D design companies. Visitors coming from mainstream metaverse platforms/communities from home and abroad, metaverse world architects, designers, professional content producers, creators, etc.
Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twin Technology and Application Pavilion
Covering artificial intelligence technology, AI technology, construction of virtual characters, speech semantic recognition and communication, AI recommendation of social relations, application of digital twin technology and other enterprises. Visitors coming from companies and buyers in the fields of smart cities, smart parks, healthcare, smart education, events and marketing.
Network & Computing Technology and Application Pavilion
Covering well-known network computing (5G/6G) and cloud computing platform companies and computing power companies at home and abroad. Visitors coming from governments, investors and corporate buyers in various industries who are interested in building Metaverse platforms and scenarios.
Internet of things technology and application pavilion
Covering the basic technology development and application enterprises of the Internet of Things. Visitors coming from enterprises and buyers in the fields of industrial manufacturing, smart home, smart city, and smart education.
International Pavilion

"International Pavilion" is established to invite theworld's leading Metaverse technology companies, platforms, integrated solution providers, and geek companies, etc., to build up an international connectionplatform for industry insights & inspirations, and to strengthen the communication from home and abroad, continuously push forward the sustainable development of the technology.

Visitors coming from potential buyers from demanding market, and institutes/investors with deep interests in technologies and its¡¯ applications.
Metaverse Space

Metaverse Space is dedicated to providing unique & amazing experience to onsite visitors to let them learn and feel what metaverse of tomorrow will look like, With integrated advanced software & hardware equipment., Metaverse Space would provide wearable devices to visitors to have immersive experience of Fashion Metaverse, Retail & commercial Metaverse and Cultural & Tourism Metaverse etc.

Metaverse Awards

Campaigns and contests on ¡°Avatar Design¡±, ¡°Digital Collections¡±, ¡°Metaverse-Marketing Creativities¡± will provide a digital art designing & competition platform for digital creators, digital designers, virtual world creators, academicians, and young artists, to realize the Dream-Making in Metaverse.

Concurrent Activities

Satellite Symposium
Throughout the 2023WME, a series of satellite symposia presented by metaverse industry players will be launched in hybrid way, providing enterprises with platform to introduce or release new products and service solutions, and building up an efficient channel for relevant players to learn new products, new trends and new business opportunities.
Metaverse Six Tech & Application Forums
Topics focusing on industry development, policies & regulations, technology trends and market applications, etc., to propel metaverse technology & solutions applicated into real industry.
World Metaverse Conference 2023
World Metaverse Conference 2023 will be held concurrent with WME in hybrid way, focusing on trends of Metaverse technology, application scenarios, and realizing the "new interpretation" on how technology integrate and empower the development of the real industry .

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